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               We Make the Finest Furniture and Crafts on the Market.

                              With Over 25 Years of Experience,

     Master Craftsmen John Harmon and Tangela Harmon will be Glad to  work with you to Design The Perfect Furniture Piece, Custom Cabinet's or                             Gift item for You or Your Loved ones.

   We have been in Business for 25 years, Remodeling Homes, Building        Furniture, and Custom made Cabinetry, Crafts, and Making Handmade         items such as Paintings, Sewn items, Toys, and much much more.


  We have a new line of Learning Games, Childrens Furniture, and Toys                               That can be personalized to your needs!  


                    You never know what Treasures you will find at

                                GIAGATTS's Old Country Store


                                      Giagatt's and T&H Construction, Cabinets and Crafts

                                                   are affiliates of Family Outreach Ministries 

                                              Every purchase brings a Blessing in others lives!



                           Please Let Us Know How Your Visit Was, and if There Is An Item

                                                        We Can Stock For You.

                                                             Thank You, May God Bless You All!!


                                     God Is Absolutely Good All The Time! 




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                Specials, Events, and Classes 

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