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       Join us for a 

    Walk in the woods

         with Jesus

                                                 We Have Classes


                              Event Days for Everyone!


           Vegan Cooking ... A Walk in the Woods... Childrens Hands on Programs

          Gardening... Canning... Soap making... Candle Making... Sewing classes

          Wood Working... Home Repair... Summer programs... Ministry Teachings

                        F. O. M.  Outreach... Craft Days... How to use Herbs

                       Nutrition and Fitness Programs... Outdoor Adventures





   A Walk In The Woods!

        Learn about the

        History of an area,

       wild growing Herbs,

  as well as enjoying Nature,       and a wonderful Picnic to      rejuvinate you for the week                     ahead!    


     We look forward to seeing you soon!!  

         Enjoy Gods Gym!

       The Great Outdoors


     Have a Great time

    in a Clean Christian              Atmosphere! 

        Genisis 1:29

 And God said, Behold I have giving you every Herb bearing seed, Which is upon the face of all the Earth, and Every Tree, In the which is the Fruit of a tree yielding seed; To You it Shall be Meat!   

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