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    Todays Harvest Menu!!!

                  Have Your Plate

        made Just the way you like it!



    Bread Choices

   Homemade Biscuit, Yeast Roll or            Garlic Toast  $1.25 each

 Homemade Plain or Spicy Cornbread,          or Rye Toast $1.75 each 




Vegetable & Side choices

      $1.25 Each Serving       

 1. Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

 2. Sweet Potato 

 3. Roasted Potatoes

 4. Roasted Squash

 5. Butterd Corn  

 6. Brown Rice   

 7. Glazed Carrots ($1.50)

 8. Cucumber Salad

 9. Kale 

 10. Refried Beans (pinto or Black bean) $1.50

 11. Navy Beans

 12. Black Beans

 13. Pintos

 14. Blackeye peas 

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------                $1.75 each serving

  15. Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms

  16. Sweet Potato Casserole

 17. Mac-n-Cheeze            23. Butter Beans

 18. Potato Salad             24. Mexican Rice

 19. Spicy Baked Beans     25. Avacado Salsa    20. Black Bean Goulash   26. Rice Pudding

 21. Oven Fried Okra       27. Griddled Fried    

 22. Side Salad-$2.75      Potatoes w/ Onions 


Pasta Salad Plate

(Noodles, Celery, Chick-un, Our creamy sauce) 

served with Garliic Toast and Black beans                              Only $6.85

 We Do Bulk Orders for Groups and parties!

        Order ahead of time for Delivery!  

Vegan Meat Substitutes     * Vegan Black bean Burger 

  with Brown Mushroom Gravy $2.75

     * Vegan MeatLoaf $2.25

     * Vegan Salmon Patties $2.25

 *Chick-un Fried Chick-un with           Country style pepper Gravy $2.75   

 * Homemade Vegan Sausage $2.25

 * Chick-un pattie $2.25

           ****Drink List****

Giagatts special blend of Iced Tea  $1.00

Hot Tea $1.50 each or Coffee $1.00 each

      One Free Refill on Tea and Coffee

       Almond Milk, Soy Chocolate Milk,

            Orange Juice, Apple Juice, 

         Chocolate Banana Milk Shake

         Strawberry Banana Milk Shake

    Chocolate Banana and Peanut butter  

                 Milk shakes $2.25


                    * Desserts *

                       Chocolate Banana Peanut butter Milk Shake $2.25

  Strawberry Banana Milk Shake $2.25            Chocolate Banana Milk Shake $2.25

         Banana Milk Shake $2.25               Orange Banana Milk Shake $2.25

                             Peanut Butter Banana Milk Shake $2.25

   Ice Cream Milk Shake (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate Apple, or Peach pie) $3.25  

        Homemade Ice Cream - $2.00 a scoop  (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)

     Add Homemade Strawberry Sauce, Chocolate Sauce or Nuts  for $0.50 more                             Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge cups $1.75 each    

               Banana Splits made with our fresh Toppings and Chopped nuts

                                  Sm. $2.75 Med. $4.75 Lg. $5.95 

                          Chocolate Date Truffles $1.75 each

                                        Fresh Crumb Pie

          or a slice of our special pie or Cake of the day $3.75 

        add a scoop of Homemade Ice cream for just $1.25 more!


                           Cake Rolls made to order!!!  

                Chocolate Cake, Homemade Chocolate sauce

               Served with our Homemade Vanilla Ice cream!! 


                     Ask About Our Daily Dessert Specials

    We make our menu fresh daily. At times we may run out of an item and will be  making a fresh batch. We will do                                        our best to always serve you the best and Freshest!!!

                                 Call or Text us at 205-753-9375 or E-mail 


                         Order Now for the Holidays!!!!

         Vegan Meals, Gift trays, Homemade Bread

   Breakfast all day !!!


 Country pepper Gravy

  and  2-Biscuits $4.25

Tater or Sausage Gravy

  and 2-Biscuits $5.25        


  Vegan Sausage Biscuit. $1.95 

   * Chick-un Biscuit $2.95 


 Pancakes - Plain, Blueberry,       Choc-chip, Strawberry or                    Pumpkin pie 

    2 sm. for $4.00 or 4 for $6.75

 2 Ex-Lg. for $5.50 or 4 for $8.25       Extra - Pure Maple Syrup add $1.00


 Banana Dog ( banana filled with peanut butter and raisins wrapped in a pancake and topped with chocolate and Strawberry  sauce! )    $4.75


         Make Your Plate

        Breakfast Menu

            Tofu Eggs $1.55

          Hashbrowns $1.55

      Grits 1cup serving $1.95

 2-Vegan Sausage patties $2.25  Biscuit,  Pancake or Toast $1.25

   Gravy plain, Sausage or Tater

    1/2 cup $1.00 or 1 cup 1.75


 Anytime Burritos

   peppers, onions, mushrooms,        roasted potatoes and cheeze                       $5.50 each

  Add a side of refried beans and     Mexican Rice for  $3.00 more 


Black Bean and Mexican Rice Burrito served with Avacado salsa

               $6.75 each


*Add Vegan Nacho Sauce $1.50




            Sandwich plate Menu 


  #1 Vegan Chick-un  on Rye

 Cheeze,Lettuce,Tomato, pickles served on Homemade Rye bread with our special sauce $5.50


  #2 Grilled Cheeze made on our own

       Homemade Toast $4.00


  #3 Tofu Egg and Grilled Cheeze made on our own                Homemade  Toast $4.25


  #4 The Black Bean Vegan Burger made on Toasted     Garlic Bread, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, Mayo,      Ketchup, and Mustard $5.50  


  #5 Patty Melt  ( Black Bean Burger loaded with             Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms melted in a blend of          Mozzerella and Cheddar Vegan Cheeze   $6.75


  #6 2- Black Bean Burger Sliders, &  Fiesta Potatoes 

             Only $6.75 or 1- single slider $2.00 each






            Veggie Spaghetti Plate with  

        Homemade Garlic Bread $5.50

9 inch Personal Pizza, you choose the toppings

        Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Purple Onions,

       Black Olives, Vegan Sausage, or Peperroni

      comes with cheeze and 3 veggie toppings or

     One Meat substitute and 2 veggies for $5.00

       Add extra Veggie toppings or a extra  Meat 

   Substitute for $0.75 more per each added topping



          Soup of the Day!

 Black Bean or Pinto Bean Chili served with your 

  choice of Brown Rice or Grill Cheeze Sandwich                             ONLY $6.85

   Large Salad - Lettuce blend with Avacado, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots, Nuts and Seeds served with Homemade Honey Mustard dressing or Creamy Herb Ranch Style Dressing $5.95




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