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   Fresh Baked Bread                

            Always Fresh baked to Order  

    Whole Wheat loaf Bread  

    Whole White Wheat Bread

    Oat sandwich Bread 

                    Small loaf $3.45   

                    Large Loaf  $5.45

   Rye seeded bread 

                   1/2 round loaf  $3.75 

                   Whole round loaf $5.75


   Cinnamon bread loaf

   Cinnamon Raisin loaf

   Cinnamon Pecan loaf 

                        small loaf $3.65   

                        Large Loaf $5.75

  Flax seed Giagatts specialty Burger buns 

                      Small buns 8pk  $3.75 

                      Large buns 6pk $5.75

  Honey Rolls or Oat Rolls

                      Small 6pk $ 3.75

                      Large 12 pack $5.75

            Cinnamon, Cinnamon Raisin, Cinnamon nut,

    Lemon Blueberry , Orange Cranberry, Lemon poppy seed,

                     Peanut butter/ chocolate chip   

                       Doughnut Rolls with Glaze

               6pk $4.85   or Jumbo sized $1.75 each

   12 inch Pizza Crust only 

                     $3.00 each 

          Vegan Pizza kit,  Crust, sauce, peppers, onions,                             mushroom, and Vegan Cheese $6.75

  Banana , Banana Nut , or Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

               Thick Slice (1/6th of loaf)  $1.75 each

                           Whole loaf  $10.75 

         Homemade Fluffy whole White Wheat Biscuits 

                 12 pack $5.45  or  24 pack $9.95

                Old Fashion Southern Cornbread 

    12 inch 1/2 round $3.95  or  Whole 12 inch round $6.95  



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